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Local . Quality . Charcoal

The Hampshire Charcoal Company are producers of high quality British barbeque charcoal.

Produced in the countryside of Hampshire from sustainably managed local woodlands.

Our single and mixed species charcoal is supplied in 3kg bags.

Chemical free

Easy to ignite

Cooking temperature within 15 mins

100% British hardwood

Recyclable packaging

Add more whenever you want

About Us

We are a family run business producing high quality British charcoal based on the outskirts of Alton in Hampshire.

We first started making charcoal for our own personal use back in 2016, in a home-made charcoal kiln created from an old oil barrel. Things have come along way since then and we now have custom made charcoal retorts.

Each retort can produce up to a hundred kilos per burn, making it the most environmentally friendly way of producing charcoal.

All the wood we use for making our charcoal comes from locally managed woodlands, with a management plan and felling licences in place. This insures they are run sustainably for wildlife and to improve biodiversity in the area.

Unlike the imported charcoal found in your local supermarkets that has lots of nasty chemicals added to it,  causing it to taint the flavour of your food. Our charcoal is 100% natural, it’s simply carbonised wood and because we don’t add any chemicals to it, you can cook directly on it.

Our mixed hardwood charcoal is made up of Oak, Hazel, Ash, birch, sycamore and beech making it the perfect all round charcoal for a garden barbeque or a commercial kitchen.

The Hampshire Charcoal Company

The Railway Yard, Gosport Road, Privitt, Hampshire, GU34 3NL

Chemical Free

100% British Hardwood

Recyclable Packaging

Made in the UK

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